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  1. emosys
    start-up company based in Maastricht, the Netherlands
  2. focus
    Innovations in mental health
  3. mood-elevation device
    A wearable device that helps users control their own mood.
  1. from low mood to depression
    from low mood to depression
    There are increasing number of individuals who have few symptoms of major depression but not diagnosed with major depression. Such individuals mostly suffer from low mood, low performance at work and unsuccessful personal life. They are also more susceptible to develop major depression and other mental and physical disorders such as heart failure.
  2. mood-elevation device
    mood-elevation device
    We have designed a wearable mood-elevation device. The device is aimed at improving the mood of the individuals based on the latest findings in neuroscience. Such findings include the electric stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. The device is currently under development and clinical trials. The mood elevation device is aimed to be a low-cost, easy-to-use and over-the-counter solution.​

our team

  1. Mehrdad Seirafi
    Mehrdad Seirafi
    CEO Neuroscientist and physicist
  2. Robert Stevens
    Robert Stevens
    Chief Engineer Electrical engineer
  3. Iwona Lisiecka
    Iwona Lisiecka
    Product Manager Industrial designer
  4. Alexander Sack
    Alexander Sack
    Chief Technology Advisor Professor of non-invasive brain stimulation
  5. Jim van Os
    Jim van Os
    Chief Scientific Advisor Professor of psychiatry
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